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About Promotion
Hello, dear players. Today we fixed all Promot...
Rook Sample171631.05.16 07:20:11
by Bro
Druid Spell
New spell for Druid - Power of Nature - words "Ute...
Rook Sample189506.05.16 01:25:01
by Rook Sample
New Runes - Sudded Fire, Ice, Tera, Vis
New runes deal damage like Sd, but another Element...
Rook Sample093203.05.16 18:37:45
by Rook Sample
New about Vocation
Hello players, today we fixed basic vocation, you ...
Account Manager072721.04.16 14:46:37
by Account Manager
Registration to Beta Test Opened
Hello, Gamers. Registration to Beta Version of ...
Rook Sample034208.04.16 18:01:35
by Rook Sample
Dear Players - Today fixed #...
Rook Sample083227.04.16 22:35:32
by Rook Sample

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