Show Info Messages in Console

Whenever you examine characters or items you receive a green message that will be displayed both in the game window and in the console. By deselecting this option it is possible to deactivate info messages in the console.

Show Event Messages in Console

Game events such as skill or level advances are displayed in white writing. If this option is disabled, event messages will not be displayed in the console. However, they will be displayed in the game window normally unless you have turned messages off.

Show Status Messages in Console

Status messages include changes in your character's condition such as hit point loss or poisoning as well as a number of messages that relate to different topics. Although they are displayed at the bottom of the game window they are similar to event messages in that they are displayed in white writing. You can deactivate status messages in the console by removing the tick from this option.

Show Status Messages of Others in Console

To use this option, you must have "Show Status Messages in Console" enabled. If this option is checked, you will, among others, see how many hit points monsters and characters around you lose in a fight or gain through healing.

Show Timestamps in Console

If this option is checked, the time will be added to any message that is displayed in the game window. Note that the time displayed is the time that your own computer is set to.

Show Levels in Console

If you check this option, you can see the level of a character in the console. Whenever somebody is talking, the level will be displayed in brackets behind the character's name in the console.

Show Link Copy Warning

If this option is checked, you will get a warning whenver you try to copy a link from the console. This warning will remind you to be careful about any posted links as they might have been designed to hack your Zorgania account.
By connecting to Zorgania (Otlist, Otserv) server, you are agreeing that Zorgania Open Tibia Server (Otserverlist, Open Tibia) is not responsible for any damages done to your computer through use of any program you are using. You are also agreeing that you are to be held fully legally responsible for any use of any program used to connect to Zorgania server. In the case that you are using the Tibia Client, created and copyrighted by CipSoft GmbH, Zorgania is not responsible for any legal issues that may arise between CipSoft GmbH and yourself. Here You found new Class like - Warrior, Paladin, Dark Knight, Berserker, Rogue, Assassin, Hunter, Armbruster, Wizard, Elementalist, Battle Mage, Priest of Death, Warlock, Necromanser, Hermit, Bard, Druid, Sorcerer, Knight.
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