OtServerlist Informations
PVP protectionto 30 level
Exp rate1 - 50 level, 50x
51 - 80 level, 40x
81 - 100 level, 30x
101 - 140 level, 20x
141 - 160 level, 10x
161 - 180 level, 9x
181 - 200 level, 8x
201 - 230 level, 7x
231 - 260 level, 6x
261 - 290 level, 7x
291 - 310 level, 5x
311 - 340 level, 4x
341 - 350 level, 3x
351 - 380 level, 2x
381 - 430 level, 1x
431 - 450 level, 1x
451+ level, 1x
Skill rate1x
Magic rate1x
Loot rate1x
This Server best Private Server of Tibia. Open Tibia Server by otservlist.org, otserv.pl, ots-List.org, otslist.eu, Ots, Otserver, Otlist, Otserv, Otservlist, Otserverlist, Opentibia
By connecting to Zorgania (Otlist, Otserv) server, you are agreeing that Zorgania Open Tibia Server (Otserverlist, Open Tibia) is not responsible for any damages done to your computer through use of any program you are using. You are also agreeing that you are to be held fully legally responsible for any use of any program used to connect to Zorgania server. In the case that you are using the Tibia Client, created and copyrighted by CipSoft GmbH, Zorgania is not responsible for any legal issues that may arise between CipSoft GmbH and yourself. Here You found new Class like - Warrior, Paladin, Dark Knight, Berserker, Rogue, Assassin, Hunter, Armbruster, Wizard, Elementalist, Battle Mage, Priest of Death, Warlock, Necromanser, Hermit, Bard, Druid, Sorcerer, Knight.
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