--May 26 2016 - About Promotion--
Hello, dear players.

Today we fixed all Promotion for Vocation.
Soon finished spells and its will done.

About Promotion you can read here

When you take lvl 30 on basic Vocation you can change update you - now in Thais near King Tibianus on down floor.

For Warrior (Knight) - Paladin, Dark Knight, Berserker.

For Rogue (Scout) - Assassin, Hunter, Armbruster.

For Wizard (Sorcerer) - Elementalist, Battle Mage.

For Priest of Death - Warlock, Necromanser.

For Hermit - Bard, Druid.


--May 06 2016 - Druid Spell--
New spell for Druid - Power of Nature - words "Utevo Natura
This Spell Gived: 50% speed move, 400 point skills of Fist fighting, 1000 Hitpoint, 100 point skills of Shielding. You need for Use it : lvl 80, 500 Manapoints, 10 SoulPoint, and this spell taken full your Magic level for
Time: 1 Minutes

--May 03 2016 - New Runes - Sudded Fire, Ice, Tera, Vis--
New runes deal damage like Sd, but another Elemental.

Runes can use all Vocation. for make:

Sudden Death Words "adori gran mort" voc - Necromancer
Sudden Earth Words "adori gran tera" voc - Druid
Sudden Ice Words "adori gran frigo" voc - Elementalist
Sudden Fire Words "adori gran flam" voc - Battlemage
Sudden Energy Words "adori gran vis" voc - Warlock

New runes

--Apr 21 2016 - New about Vocation--
Hello players, today we fixed basic vocation, you can registred to Best Test. Read about Vocation here Vocation

--Apr 08 2016 - Registration to Beta Test Opened--
Hello, Gamers.

Registration to Beta Version of Multiplayer game - Zorgania Open.

You can select one of the Basic vocation to start the game. Simple website is still under construction, so some of the functions do not work.

You can download the client section - Download

--Apr 27 2016 - Necromancer--
Dear Players - Today fixed #Necromancer - now he can back your life if you die. After died you have 10 minutes for Necromancer can back you.

Your Community Manager.

By connecting to Zorgania (Otlist, Otserv) server, you are agreeing that Zorgania Open Tibia Server (Otserverlist, Open Tibia) is not responsible for any damages done to your computer through use of any program you are using. You are also agreeing that you are to be held fully legally responsible for any use of any program used to connect to Zorgania server. In the case that you are using the Tibia Client, created and copyrighted by CipSoft GmbH, Zorgania is not responsible for any legal issues that may arise between CipSoft GmbH and yourself. Here You found new Class like - Warrior, Paladin, Dark Knight, Berserker, Rogue, Assassin, Hunter, Armbruster, Wizard, Elementalist, Battle Mage, Priest of Death, Warlock, Necromanser, Hermit, Bard, Druid, Sorcerer, Knight.
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